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Uzbek Clothes

Wearing various colored small caps is an important characteristic of their traditional costumes. The caps can be embroidered or made of corduroy or black velvet. Women sometimes wear scarves over the caps.

Men often wear a knee-length gown opened on the left with an embroidered waistband around it. Colored embroidery laces are also added to collars, front openings and cuffs of their shirts. Men wear leather boots, and sometimes add an overshoe with a low upper.

Women wear one-piece dress that is loose with many plaited and embroidered or fur shoes. 

Achang Bai Blang Bonan Bouyei Korean Dai
Daur De'ang Dong Dongxiang Drung Ewenki Gaoshan
Gelo Han Hani Hezhe Hui Jing Jingpo
Jino Kazak Kirgiz Lahu Lhoba Li Lisu
Manchu Xibe Maonan Miao Moinba Mongolian Mulam
Naxi Nu Oroqen Pumi Qiang Russian Salar
She Shui Tajik Tatar Tibetan Tu Tujia
Uygur Uzbek Va Yao Yi Yugur Zhuang


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