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Korean Clothes

White is the favorite color of Korean people, who have the reputation for being "the people in white".

Women's costume includes a short garment with an inclined front and a long plaited skirt which is water color, light green, light purple and so on. Skirts are either long or short. Long skirts reach the insteps, while short skirts reach the knees. Girls and young married women wear clothes of bright colors. Men wear short jackets topped with a dark colored vest, wool hats and loose trousers that are fastened at the ankles with silk ribbons. When going out, they will put on a robe with an inclined front and cloth fasteners. 

Achang Bai Blang Bonan Bouyei Korean Dai
Daur De'ang Dong Dongxiang Drung Ewenki Gaoshan
Gelo Han Hani Hezhe Hui Jing Jingpo
Jino Kazak Kirgiz Lahu Lhoba Li Lisu
Manchu Xibe Maonan Miao Moinba Mongolian Mulam
Naxi Nu Oroqen Pumi Qiang Russian Salar
She Shui Tajik Tatar Tibetan Tu Tujia
Uygur Uzbek Va Yao Yi Yugur Zhuang


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