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Hezhe Clothes

The costume of the Hezhe people is almost the same as that of the Hans. The only difference is in the materials they use. In the past, clothes of the Hezhe people were mostly made of fish skin, roe skin or deer skin, among which fish skin dresses were considered their national dresses.

Influenced by the Manchus, the clothing style of the Hezhes is similar to cheongsam. The length of the dress is over the knees. It has loose and short sleeves but no collar. The dress and trousers are sloppy, edged with colored cloth, embroidered with patterns, or decorated with copper bells. Fish skin trousers are made of entirely different styles for men and women. Big fishes, weighing about 50 kilograms, are good enough for making trousers. Fish skin trousers are durable and at the same time resistant to cold weather and water.

In the past, unmarried girls usually tie their hair in one braid, while married women or widows wore two. Bracelets were common ornaments for all women, but only old women wore earrings.

With the improvement of living conditions, the material and design of the clothes of Hezhe people have changed radically. Nowadays, cotton has been the frequently used material for clothes. 

Achang Bai Blang Bonan Bouyei Korean Dai
Daur De'ang Dong Dongxiang Drung Ewenki Gaoshan
Gelo Han Hani Hezhe Hui Jing Jingpo
Jino Kazak Kirgiz Lahu Lhoba Li Lisu
Manchu Xibe Maonan Miao Moinba Mongolian Mulam
Naxi Nu Oroqen Pumi Qiang Russian Salar
She Shui Tajik Tatar Tibetan Tu Tujia
Uygur Uzbek Va Yao Yi Yugur Zhuang


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