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Ewenki Clothes

Clothing for herdsmen of the Ewenki ethnic minority includes a loose long gown buttoned down on one side with a long waistband. They put on a big fur coat when doing labor work. In winter, they wear jackets and pants made of longhaired, thick rawhide, together with boots, hats and gloves all made from animal skin.

Women of the Ewenki usually wear one-piece dress in summer and winter as well. The skirt has a narrow upper part and a loose lower part with many pleats. Married women sew a colorful cloth strip measuring 0.5 inch around their sleeves one and a half circles, and wear a colorfully laced waistcoat with ridgy pleats on the shoulders; while unmarried women don't have colorful cloth strips around their sleeves and their clothes have flat shoulders.

Men's hats are conical, with red tassels on the top, and the surface sewn with blue cloth. Women plait their hair. Ornaments like earrings, fingerings and bracelets are also part of the Ewenkis' traditional dress. 

Achang Bai Blang Bonan Bouyei Korean Dai
Daur De'ang Dong Dongxiang Drung Ewenki Gaoshan
Gelo Han Hani Hezhe Hui Jing Jingpo
Jino Kazak Kirgiz Lahu Lhoba Li Lisu
Manchu Xibe Maonan Miao Moinba Mongolian Mulam
Naxi Nu Oroqen Pumi Qiang Russian Salar
She Shui Tajik Tatar Tibetan Tu Tujia
Uygur Uzbek Va Yao Yi Yugur Zhuang


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