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Liaoning Cusine

Liaoning cuisine, originated from Shenyang City and developed on the basis of Shandong cuisine, and was later strongly influenced by the Manchu cooking style and foreign dishes, especially Japanese food, Korean food and Russian food. Such a combination makes Liaoning cuisine unique in color, aroma and taste. It is characterized by its use of strong flavors, salt and oil. It also pays attention to different cooking techniques and to the complexity of shapes. Thanks to meticulously selected materials and highly skilled preparations, Liaoning cuisine is well known for its uniqueness and is spoken highly by Chinese and foreign gourmets.

The most famous dishes are Shenyang Laobian ravioli (Laobian Jiaozi), white pork with bloody intestines (bai rou xue chang), bear's paw (mostly not real bear's paw but substitute), Mongolian pie, hot-pot, smoked chicken, fried vermicelli (Chao mifen), crisp and hot egg dumpling (Danjiao) and shellfish with sugar candy (Hashima). There's abundant seafood in Dalian, such as shrimps, oysters and clams.

Zhang Xueliang, a famous patriotic general spoke highly of four dishes, namely stir-fried kidneys, stir-fried liver, fried meatballs, and stir-fried day lilies. Hou Baolin, a famous artist of cross talks, thought Laobian Jiaozi (ravioli) the most delicious.

Jiaozi (ravioli with minced pork and vegetable stuffing) is actually one of the recommended foods in Shenyang. You can easily have a taste of it in established restaurants that are said to be best in the Northeast China. The most famous Jiaozi with various kinds is served in Laobian Jiaozi Guan, old and well-established restaurant with a history of over 150 years. 

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