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Zhaijiao Keyi (III)

General rituals and activities of Zhaijiao Keyi mainly include:

I. Zaowantan Gongke (Morning and Evening Classes)

They are daily rituals that Taoists in a temple shall carry out in the morning and evening. The goals of these rituals are: (1) to cultivate morality and mould temperament; (2) to pray for good luck; (3) to strengthen the Taoist determination; (4) to release souls of the deceased from purgatory; and (5) to embody the Taoist convention and administration.

II. Zhujiang Keyi (Ritual Used to Welcome Deities and Immortals)

This ritual is used to welcome deities and immortals to the altar, show the prestige of the founder of Taoism and ask them to descend and protect canons.

III. Jigu Keyi (Ritual Used to Sacrifice Alone Soul)

This ritual is always used in the evening class to sacrifice alone souls and relieves the soul of the deceased from purgatory.

IV. Zhushou Keyi (Ritual Used to Celebrate the Birthday)

It is the ritual used on the birthday of the founder of Taoism.

V. Qinghe Keyi (Ritual of Congratulation)

It is also the ritual used on the birthday of the founder of Taoism. In general, it is held on the birthday of the founder of Taoism.

VI. Jiejia Keyi (Grand Ceremony Used to Meet the Jade Emperor)

It is the special ritual held by Taoists in the morning when the Jade Emperor tours the heaven. It is a grand ceremony held to welcome the Jade Emperor to a Taoist temple at 0:00 o'clock on the lunar December 25. Through this ritual, the Jade Emperor is invited to the world to grant good luck, get rid of disasters and prolong the human life.

VII. Dahuixiang Keyi (An Activity Carried Out When a Ritual is Finished)

It is always used to strengthen Tao and its power, eliminate the fault, turn the prayer wheel and release the masses from sufferings when a ritual is finished.

VIII. Jinbiao Keyi (Ritual Used to Submit Prayer Statement to the Heaven)

Jinbiao is also called as Huabiao or Fenshu. It is a very important ritual broadly used for large sacrifice activities. In this ritual, Taoists will write down the desires of disciples on the prayer statement and submit it to the heaven palace. In this way, the sages will fall to the altar to grant good lucks, prolong human life and release the soul of ancestors from sufferings.

IX. Shuihuo Lianduyi (Ritual Used to Cultivate and Release Soul Using Water and Fire)

A ritual commonly used by the Taoism to cultivate and release the souls and ghosts of the deceased with true yang (referring to the kidney yang) and true water (referring to the kidney yin).

X. Deng Yi (lamp ritual)

A Taoist ritual always held after sunset uses a lamp as the main magical instrument. In this ritual, the lamp can illuminate the heaven, bring light, break the darkness, and emblaze the deep hell and the blessing hall.

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