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Tao Scriptures That Are Often Chanted

Tao scriptures often chanted refer to those Taoist scriptures that are always chanted by Taoists in temple. Chanting scriptures is one of the most important religious activities in the daily life of Taoists, and it is also called as Gong Ke (class). A tutor usually has two classes respectively in the morning and the evening every day. Of course, some Taoist temples ask their disciples to have three to five classes every day. The main goal of chanting scriptures is to improve themselves and cultivate their Tao.

Taoists chant scriptures in the hall every early morning usually before the breakfast, and this is called morning class. In general, another class is finished after the supper just when it's dark, and this is called evening class. The number and content of the classes are different among different sects of Taoism.

General speaking, the scriptures of morning class is to pray for longevity and safety, while the scriptures of evening class is to release souls of the deceased from purgatory.

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