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Scripture of the Yellow Court

Huangting Jing (Scripture of the Yellow Court) is an important canon of China's Taoism, including Huangting Neijing Jing and the Huangting Waijingjing. It is said that Huangting Jing was written by Wei Huacun, a famous female Taoist in the Western Jin Dynasty (265-317).

Huangting Neijing consists of 36 chapters, and its contents can be concluded as follows:

(1) Discuss the ways of immortality, and describe the general situations and main physiological actions of main organs in human body. In order to smoothly cultivate vital energy, she divided the human body into three parts (upper part, middle part and lower part). Every part was guarded by 8 Jing deities, and there are altogether 24 Jing deities for the three parts. If people can take good care of the essential qi (vital energy), he/she can avoid diseases and live forever.

(2) Explain the close relationship between Huangting San Gong, San Dantian (both are related to apparatuses and points in human body ) and the health preservation.

Talk about the tenets. The Huangting Waijing was divided into three parts by later generations to further explain the deities of human body and the meditation methods of the Neijingjing. It emphasizes the importance of expiration and inspiration, swallowing saliva, conservation and enhancement of essence every now and then, indifference to fame or benefit forevermore, and the cultivation method.

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