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The Queen Mother of the West -- the Wife of the Jade Emperor

In the system of Taoist fairy tales, Wangmu Niangniang (the Queen Mother of the West) is the supreme goddess in the heaven, and the wife of Yuhuang Dadi (the Jade Emperor). In the famous Taoist fanes, she is described as a beautiful lady of about thirty.

The molding of the Queen Mother of the West is formed after a long time of evolvement. Her origin is quite surprising. In ancient times, she was called Xiwangmu. Some of oldest Chinese works had the record about her. At that time, she was a bugbear with the tiger's teeth, panther's tail and could make terrible sounds. She lived in Kunlun Mountains, but in fact, she was a tribe's leader or totem in West China. At the end of the Han Dynasty (206BC-220AD), she was brought into the system of fairy stories and gradually became a graceful goddess.

In many later Chinese ancient works, she became the queen of the heaven, the goddess in charge of the happiness and the longevity of human beings. She is said to have elixir that can make people live forever and never grow old. It was just for eating the elixir of life that the famous goddess in the moon flied to the moon. Taoism raises her to a very high position, regarding her as the leader of all the goddesses, and the gods are all governed by her and her husband.

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