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Purity and Tranquility, Non-Interference

Qingjing Wuwei (purity and tranquility, non-interference) that was formed in the early years of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC-8AD) was the early source and important contents of Taoist thoughts. Due to chaos caused by wars, the masses had no means to live. In order to restore the production and develop the economy, the rulers agreed to use Qingjing Wuwei of Taoism as the guideline of the administration of the country. The Taoist school at that time was called as the Huang-Lao School. The sect respectfully regards Yellow Emperor and Laozi as its founder. It deems that the ruler's administration must be simple and shall not make troubles. The precondition to run a country is that the rulers shall try their best not to disturb common people. The society will be stable and the common people will abide by the laws and behave themselves as long as everything develops naturally.

So-called Qingjing (purity and tranquility) is the theory of Taoism. According to Taoist canon Yunji Qiqian (Seven Lots from the Bookbag of the Clouds), Qingjing can be explained as follows: The case that someone concentrates himself/herself and has no distracting thoughts is called as Qing. The case that someone obeys the qi and assembles spirit is called as Jing. The Taoism deems that Qingjing is the original of Tao, and Tao will naturally appear if everything is tranquil. So-called Wuwei (non-interference) means that all things shall develop naturally, and people shall not interrupt them. Wuwei came from the teachings of Laozi: As to Tao, when nothing is done, nothing is left undone. Another canon Zhuangzi·Tiandi (Heaven and Earth, written by Zhuangzi) also indicates: Ancient emperors who carried out the Wuwei theory got Tao. that is, the principle that nothing is left undone when nothing is done shall be observed to win the world and understand Tao. It is the base of cultivation for immortality.

In a word, the so-called Qingjing Wuwei (purity and tranquility, non-interference) can be explained as follows: People shall restrain from external desires, be even-tempered and good-humored, conform to nature and do not impose any restriction.

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