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Joss Sticks Time and Temple Fair

In some large Taoism temples and famous Taoist places, there is usually a peak season for burning joss sticks, which is called the joss sticks time. There are also regular fete ceremonies, which are called the temple fair.

Both the joss sticks time and temple fair regards the temple and the main Gods therein as the center of the activity. With the development of Taoism, many temples and famous mountains, which have a great influence in Taoism and among folk people, have emerged, and some are the original altar of a certain sect. Therefore, it has great rallying point both outside and inside. These Gods placed in the temples can attract adherents and pilgrims nearby or even from faraway to come to burn joss sticks. Especially in the important festivals as the Gods' birthday, there are grand fete and celebrations, which take temples as center and the Gods worship as the main content. So these temple fairs often have different names. Sometimes, in order to emphasize the content, it is called the joss sticks fair. To emphasize its goal of repaying the Gods, people will hold large-scale folk performances, which are called the match fair or gathering. Therefore, the temple fair is also the all-round folk-custom meeting, which is based on the belief and fete to the Gods.

The temple fair usually takes temple or the surrounding areas as the center. At that time, there are ceremonious rituals in the temples, and many adherents come to visit or participate, donate and establish merits and virtues. The activities are mainly warding off calamities and begging for blessings.

In the temple fairs, there are performances to entertain people as well as the Gods. Sometimes, people also invite professional drama groups to perform. Temple fairs are all centered in a certain area or a certain temple. The first participants are mainly the people from the same place, then the people faraway. In general, the joss sticks time and temple fair have the obvious characteristics of local culture.

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