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Grand White -- the Legate of the Jade Emperor

Taibai Jinxing (Grand White) is one of the best-known immortals among Taoist gods. He assumes great influence among common people. Today, in many people's opinion, he is a kindly white-haired old man. He is honest and tolerant, acting as the legate of Yuhuang Dadi (the Jade Emperor), in charge of transmitting orders. Therefore, many people favor him.

He is also the apotheosis of natural creature. In ancient China, people called the Hesper Grand White. As it is the planet second nearest to the sun and the nearest to the earth, it is easy to fuel people's interest.

When Grand White was just apotheosized, he was described as a lady. According to Taoist classical description, this goddess is in yellow with a cockscomb-like hat and a lute in her hands. But after the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), as the famous novel Pilgrimage to the West was widely spread, in this novel Grand White was an old male god, which was accepted by almost all the Chinese. Therefore, his original appearance has been forgotten.

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