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God of Literature -- Numen of Examinations

Wenchang Dijun (God of Literature) is worshiped in many Chinese fanes. It was in about 6th century that he was accepted by Taoism. It says that he was the son of the emperor, and kept on reincarnating to benefit people. He is a great god and in charge of people's study and examination.

After the 14th century, many Chinese schools feted this god. His birthday is on February 3 of the lunar calendar. Especially in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), his birthday was even congratulated by the Emperor. From this we can see though he is a Taoist god, he had been marked with Confucian color.

In some other literature, it says: in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), there was a person named Zhang Ya. He was from Zhejiang Province, but moved to live in Zitong of Sichuan Province and made a living as a teacher. He was not only noble and honest but also talented, which made him greatly respected. After his death, people adored him as a god to commemorate him. As the time passed, he was trusted by every dynasty's government, and gradually became the numen of literature, academy and examination. Finally he was called Gold of Literature as what it is today.

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