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Selection of Imam

It is a system applied on the management of mosques and parishes. This system is mainly applied in the mosques of Qadim sect.

When a mosque is to choose an imam, all the Muslims in this parish discuss together and put up the Akhund that they want to be the imam and then welcome him with a grand ceremony. So, the unique system is also called inviting an Akhund.

Once they have selected the Akhund, they will send a representative to give the Akhund some gift and agreed on the date of his coming to the post. On that day, a team with horses and carriages, led by the local celebrities will go to meet him. When they arrive at the mosque, a grand banquet will be held to welcome him.

The Akhund takes the position of imam for a year. After the various rites of the Feast of the Fast Breaking, the very important traditional festival for Muslims, The Akhund will announce before the mass that his term has come to an end and he is ready to leave. At this time, if the mass think he is outstanding in moral and knowledge, they will warmly ask him to remain in his post. In this case, he can have another term if he wants; if he doesn't, people will send him off, which is called seeing an Akhund off.

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