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Pudong Mosque of Shanghai City

The Pudong Mosque is one of the major mosques in Shanghai City. It is rebuilt upon the Pushou Mosque. It is located at Jia No.16, Wujiating, Pudong Road, Shanghai City. In 1935, led by an imam named Hong Changjin, Muslims residing near Dongchang Road of Pudong rented a house as a temporary worship place. In 1939, the construction started on a mosque. In 1947, the mosque was completed. At present, the buildings of the mosque include the main hall, the water house, the funeral home, and the imam's room, etc.

In 1984, Shanghai Ethnic Affairs Commission appropriated funds to rebuild the mosque. In June 1985, the mosque was reopened. There is an open courtyard with a parterre in front of the main hall that can accommodate hundreds of people. There are one-storeyed buildings, such as the imam's room, and the sermon hall, etc., on both sides of the main hall. In 1995, the mosque was moved to Yuanshen Road. The renovated mosque covers an area of 1,650 square meters. The minaret of 36 meters high is the highest one among those of the mosques in Shanghai City.

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