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Id al-Fitr in China

Id al-Fitr is the common festival for all the peoples who believe in Islam in China. Muslims in China who speak Chinese call 'Id al-Fitr as Daerde, which means major festival. For the Hui people, it is the most important festival. Muslims will have a fast in the ninth month of Islamic calendar. And at the end of the month, if a crescent is seen, the next day will be 'Id al-Fitr. This festival is in memory of Mohammed's original missionary activities.

The main rites of 'Id al-Fitr in China are:

A.After Morning Prayer, quickly have a little food to show the gratitude toward Allah;

B.Pay taxes to mosques or religious fund organizations. In some regions of China, these taxes are called wheat tax, because they are paid in the form of wheat or equivalent cash.

C.Have a festival prayer. On that morning, all Muslims gather at the biggest local mosque or a plaza and have grand ceremonies. The Hui people think most highly of this festival and call the month of fast as the worshipful month. During this period, people are very careful and polite. They value the festival prayer most, and no matter how bad the weather is, it will be held in order and on time. After the prayer, people will greet the Akhund and then greet each other. Then every family will go to the cemetery and pray for their dead family members and all dead Muslims. And then they will give their best wishes to the elder. After all this, they return home and enjoy the already prepared delicious food. Muslims in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region call this festival as Rouzi Festival.

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