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Huasi Menhuan

It is one of the sects of Islam in China, and a branch of Khufiyya Menhuan (saintly lineage).

This sect was founded after 1734. There used to be a fight between Huasi Menhuan and Jahariyah. Therefore sometimes the former is also called Old Sect. In 1803 a Qubbah (a domed building) was built at the tomb of Ma Laichi, founder of the sect, in Huasi of Linxia, Gansu Province, hence the name Huasi Menhuan.

Huasi Menhuan is one of the earliest Menhuan group. Its religious characteristics are sitting still in meditation to cultivate oneself while not breaking away from mortal world, and advocating obeying scriptures and special requirements on reciting Zikr. During the reign of the second hierarch, it had a fierce conflict with one branch of Jahariyah Menhuan. As a result, the leaders of both sects were expelled from the region.

At the beginning of 19th century, when Ma Guiyuan was the sixth leader of the sect, Huasi Menhuan reached its peak in terms of influence. Later, the sect split, which led to several uprisings against the government. Its influence mainly remains in Linxia of Gansu Province and Xunhua of Qinghai Province.

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