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Dongguan Mosque

The Dongguan Mosque is one of famous mosques in Northwest China. It is located in eastern Xiling City, and is the largest mosque in Qinghai Province and one of the four greatest mosques in Northwest China. It was established during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644), and has a history of about six hundred years. It is the most well preserved ancient building, as well as the center and the highest-level institution of Islamic learning in Northwest China.

There is a complex of traditional Chinese palace-style buildings in the mosque. The gate of the mosque is actually a decorated archway with the name of the mosque on it. One pavilion-like building of about 8 meters high stands on each side of the courtyard, and is designed for the imam to call the prayers to worship. The main worship hall faces the east, therefore the prayers can pray facing the holy city of Mecca. Its wall is made of great cyan stones, and its roof is decorated with colored glaze. The ridge of the hall is decorated with Tibetan style Aquarius. The majestic and hushful main worship hall resembles a palace of the Han nationality There are two-storeyed ambulatory-like wing halls on both sides of the main worship hall. A water hall is built in the mosque for prayers to wash their hands and feet before they enter the worship hall. Islamites worship on every Friday. Thousands of Islamites come to the mosque and religiously say prayers while facing the west.

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