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Corban Festival

Corban is an important festival for Muslims. Corban Festival is also called Zaishengjie while the Hui people call it Zhongxiaojie (festival of faith and obedience). It comes 70 days after the Feast of the Fast Breaking, or the tenth day of the second month in the Islamic calendar. The festival bears the meaning that disciples will devote everything to show their obedience and faith to Allah.

In the festival, Muslims gather at major mosques and other public places and have grand ceremonies and celebrations. They prepare livestock beforehand, the livestock should be healthy camels, oxen or sheep, and the choice depends on one's financial condition. The meat will be separated into three parts. One part is for the family itself, one for relatives and friends and the rest part for charity.

Muslims in China's Xinjiang region call it festival EId (big festival). On the day, they dress up, kill livestock and invite relatives and friends to their homes and have various entertainments.

But for the Huis, it is not as important as the Feast of the Fast Breaking, and is therefore called small EId(small festival).

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