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Zhushu Christian Church in Xiamen City

The Zhushu Christian Church is located at No. 133 Kaihe Road, Xiamen City. It is one of the oldest churches in China. In August 1847, some missionaries rented a local building as a preaching venue. In July 1950, they added a new storey to the original building. The downstairs were used for congregation, which could accommodate about 100 people. On December 23, 1950, the official worship began and five new followers were baptized.

There were congregations both in the morning and in the afternoon on the Lord's Day. The church was also engaged in Chinese education. The church established a primary school on February 6, 1855, set up the Xiamen Branch of the Hope and Wilhelmina Hospital in 1884, and built a kindergarten in 1915. In 1923, Liao Qinxia and Liao Yuefa raised funds for Chongwen Primary School. In 1935, the renovation of the Holy Hall started, and was completed in 1936. The activities in the church had been suspended during the Anti-Japanese War. After Japanese invaders surrendered in 1945, Xiamen City was governed by China again and divine services were resumed in the church. There were a great number of young followers and admirers.

In 1958, the Guanainei Christian Church, Xi'an Christian Church, Shentiannei Christian Church were merged into the Zhushu Christian Church. In 1966, the church stopped services. It was reopened in 1981. In 1983, the Holy Hall was rebuilt again. The church has made certain contribution to the thriving economy of Xiamen Special Economic Zone. On September 15, 1999, the church was conferred with the title of the model unit with its contribution to the economy of Xiamen Special Economic Zone by Xiamen Bureau of Religious Affairs and Xiamen Committee of Ethnic Affairs. In 1998, the church donated RMB 145,000 yuan to disaster areas in China.

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