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Wen Youzhang

Wen Youzhang, whose original name was Jamas G.Endicott, was one of famous missionaries from Canada to China. He had participated in missionary work and education activities in Sichuan Province for a long time, and actively supported reform and peace in China.

He was born in a Canadian Methodist Episcopal Church family in Sichuan Province in 1898. In 1910 he went back to Canada with his father. After the First World War, he began to study theology. He got priest qualification in 1925. By the end of 1925 he went back to Sichuan Province to begin his missionary work there.

During his stay in China, he strongly fought against Western imperialism and showed sympathy towards the Chinese people who resisted the Western imperialists. He was appointed as an English teacher of Chongqing University. During the Anti-Japan War he served as the advisor to the Chinese government. In 1946, he abdicated his post in church and went back to Canada. Later, he made great contributions to the diplomatic relations between China and Canada.

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