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Tengchow College

Tengchow College was founded by a Christian missionary in the latter half of the 19th century. It was located in Tengchow (Dengzhou) of Shandong Province.

In 1863, Calvin Wilson Mateer, a missionary from the American Presbyterian Church, came to China. Sooner after, he set up an initiatory school that enrolled six poor students. He offered free board and lodging as well as paper and other study materials. At that time, the school had to sign contracts with students' parents for fear that they would force their children to drop out under strong pressure from the society. In 1876, the school was renamed as Tengchow College, which was actually a secondary school.

Students would stay in school for nine years in two stages, namely preparatory stage and full stage. Mateer himself compiled the textbooks such as mathematics, physics, chemistry as well as the Bible, Chinese and English. His wife taught history, geography and music. In 1886, the school was expanded again and could hold more than 100 students. At the same time, some technological courses were added, such as carpentry, electrical engineering and lathe work. Some new courses such as astronomy and logic were taught by some missionaries.

During the Yihetuan Movement, the school suffered attacks and damage. Later, the school was moved to Weixian County of Shandong Province and was renamed as Guangwen College, which was later developed into the famous Qilu University.

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