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Qindao Christian Church

The Qindao Christian Church is a famous religious architecture in Qindao City, Shandong Province, and is located at No. 15, Jiangsu Road. It is a good example of German castle-like architecture, which consists of a bell towel and an auditorium. It is made of granites. The bell tower is 39.1 meters high, and on its top floor visitors can see the sea far away. The auditorium is capacious and bright, and can hold more than 1,000 people. The main hall is 18 meters high.

Originally, this church was the place where Germans gathered together and worshiped. In 1897, after Germany took possession of Jiaozhou Area, German Lutheran Church Berlin branch sent a missionary to Qingdao City. He chose a location between the viceroy's official residence and the viceroy's government office building and began to build the church. The construction started on April 19, 1908 and was completed on October 23, 1910. For it was dedicated for German Christians, it was called German Worship Church. In 1925 it was sold to the Association of American Lutheran Churches, and became the venue of religious activities for foreigners in the neighborhood.

After 1949, the church became the primary venue of religious activities for Chinese Christians. With the amalgamation the oriental and western cultures in recent years, Christianity has become an influential religion, and the religious services are therefore very active here.

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