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Protestantism Entered China

In the 19th century at the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), Protestantism took a dominant position in Europe and was entering China. The period from 1807 to 1842 was the time Protestantism began its dissemination in China.

During this period, quite a number of missionary churches, including London Missionary Society, Dutch Reformed Church, American Baptist Association, American Church Mission, Church Missionary Society, Protestant Episcopal Church and so on, began their activities in China. They represented different Protestant sects and their missionaries were mainly from the UK, US and Germany. Many of them were teachers, doctors, professors, writers and so on. At that time, since the Qing government forbade Christianity, the missionary churches could only propagandize religion secretly.

Although Protestantism came to China later than Christianism, Protestant missionaries adopted measures appreciated and easily accepted by Chinese. For example, they were more enthusiastic in participating various social activities. They set up colleges and universities, hospitals and charity organizations. In this way, they received warmer welcome from Chinese people. They expanded their cause to Chinese hinterland and even some remote regions and were more successful than Catholic churches.

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