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Jia Yuehan

Jia Yuehan (1824-1901), whose original name was John Glasgow Kerr, was a follower with Presbyterian Church in America, and one of the earliest missionary doctors in China.

He was quite diligent when he was young. He had ever been a doctor for seven years after his study in university. In 1853 he came to missionize in China, and in 1854 he arrived in Guangzhou City. In 1859 he founded the earliest church hospital -- Boji Hospital, where he introduced western medicines and cultivated many medical talents. In 1898 he founded the first madhouse in Guangzhou. Three years later, he died there in Guangzhou.

Jia Yuehan was a good friend to Chinese people. He had more than 700,000 patients, carried out nearly 50,000 surgeries in his lifetime. He fostered 150 doctors of Western medicine and compiled 34 medical books. He had received much respect from many Chinese.

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