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Haidian Christian Church in Beijing

Formerly called the Haidian Chinese Christian Church, the Haidian Christian Church is located in Haidian District of Beijing. It was a preaching place subordinate to the Beijing Methodist Church.

In 1922, Qi Guodong, a graduate from Yanjing Seminary, was appointed missionary of the church. In 1927, the directorate composed of 12 directors was established. To meet the requirement of increasing adherents, and with the effort of the adherents and directors, 4,600 silver dollars was raised in 1933 and the current church was established in June 1933. Yi Guodong became the pastor of the church and the number of adherents reached 500.

Besides the missionary work, the Haidian Christian Church also devoted itself to charity work. For instance, he established the Peiyuan Primary School in 1929, added a middle school to it in 1932, established the Peiyuan, Peide, and Peishan cross-stitch factories with the Charity Association for Women and Children of the Yanjing University and created job opportunities for 200 jobless women in 1932, established a retirement home and a hospital of obstetrics & gynecology to serve the residents in Haidian District for free.

Due to some historical reasons, the religious services were stopped once. The church was reopened on May 12, 1985. On May 15, a preparing group for self-management, self-support, and self-disseminating was established. There were only about 100 adherents in the congregation then, most of whom were old people. With the efforts of the priest and adherents, the church established the rules, cleaned up the environment and founded the choir, as well as a bookstore, an infirmary, and a dining room. In 1996, the third sub-church was established.

Now the church is listed among the renovation plan of western Zhongguancun. A new Haidian Church will be built according to the plan.

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