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Cheng Jingyi

Cheng Jingyi (1881-1939), a Manchu, was a famous priest of Chinese Christianism and church leader.

He was born in Beijing. His father was a priest in London Missionary Church. In 1896, he went to Tianjin to study theology. After graduation he went to Britain to make further study. In 1908, he returned and took the office of priest in a congregational church. After his presence at the First World Mission Conference held in London in 1910, he began to call for the amalgamation of Chinese churches.

In 1913, he became the secretary of China Continuation Committee and basically established his leader's position in the amalgamation movement. When the National Christian Conference was held in Shanghai in 1922, many churchmen headed by Cheng Jingyi made a declaration on amalgamation of Christian churches. In 1927, Cheng Jingyi was elected as director of the General Conference of Chinese Christian Church.

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