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Anglo-Chinese College

The Anglo-Chinese College was one of the earliest colleges set up by missionaries. Robert Marrison, the first Protestant missionary to China, and William Milne in Malacca, founded the college in 1818.

At the beginning, the classrooms were rebuilt from stables and Chinese teachers taught the courses. The college was formally opened in 1818.The length of schooling was not strict. Students were divided into three classes and lessons were given in both Chinese and English. There were no religious restrictions on Chinese students. The college offered free board and lodging and certain money for living expenses. In addition, it also offered grants-in-aid to Chinese students so as to attract the local Chinese young people to the college to believe in Christianity and then to serve the missions.

In 1843, the college was moved from Malacca to Hong Kong. Soon after, it was changed into a seminary specialized in the training of missionaries. The last principal of the college was James Legge, a famous missionary to China and also a famous sinologist. During his term as the principal of the college, he devoted himself to the translation of Chinese Confucian classics into English and published many translation works that were warmly welcomed in western countries.

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