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Zhang Jiashu

Zhang Jiashu (1893-1988) was chairman of the Chinese Catholic Bishops College, vice-chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic College and bishop of the Shanghai Parish.

Zhang was born into a Catholic family in Shanghai. During the youth, he studied in a mission school and was subject to the influence of patriotic Catholic.

In 1911, he went abroad for study, learning theology in Britain. In 1923, he was appointed as a priest, and started his missionary work among the Chinese in France.

In 1925, he returned to China and got himself involved in the educational activities, thus fostering a large number of talents for the country.

From 1949, he took an active part in the movement against imperialism, calling on the Chinese Catholic to be independent from foreign influences.

In 1957, he was voted as the vice-chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic Association and made great contributions to the healthy development of Catholicism in China.

In 1980, he was voted as chairman of the China Catholic Bishops College. He also devoted his energy in fostering Chinese Catholic talents and various kinds of charities, winning the respect of Catholic believers and overseas Catholic figures.

In 1988, he died at the age of 96.

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