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Xujiahui Cathedral

The Xujiahui Cathedral is the largest Catholic church in Shanghai with a long history. It has a high status among the Chinese adherents.

The church was established in 1904. Its formal name is St. Ignacious Cathedral. It follows a typical Gothic style in middle ages. The building is narrow. There are two Gothic towers of 60 meters high, and the principal part of the church is at the center.

The church has a discal embossment in the middle part of the building. The roof is covered with plumbaginous tiles. And the church is decorated with many sculptures of the Holy Son and the God. The church has a heart-shaped arch, which is full of catholic atmosphere. In the hall there are 64 carved circular columns, which are connected with the arches at the top. There are ambulatories on the top of both sides. The arch of the hall is high. On the altar far from the door stands the sculpture of Mary holding the Baby Jesus and looking down the whole hall. There is an Our Lady of Lourdes small altar behind the main altar. The famous religion painting The Last Supper hangs on the back wall. With colored glasses enchased, the windows of the church look delicate and fine. A garden is in front of the church.

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