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Xikai Church

The Xikai Church, also called the French Church, is a famous Catholic church in Tianjin City. It is located at the area of Old Xikai out of Yuanqiangzi River, Dushan Road, Bingjiang Street in Heping District, Tianjin City.

The existing buildings, constructed by French Catholicism, include the catholic chief church built in 1914 and the cathedral built in 1917. The whole church follows the European style, adopting French Romanesque architecture technique. The church takes up an area of 1,585 square meters, and is 45 meters high. It has a long cross-shaped layout. There are three tall towers standing at the apexes of a triangle, at the front and the back of the church. The pedestals of the towers are built by laying yellow and red bricks, with emerald cyrtostyle spires at the top. There are semicircular arched windows below the eaves. There are three corridors inside with luxury colored frescoes on the inner wall.

The Xikai Church is the largest church in Tianjin, and it can accommodate many adherents. Now it is still the local center of Catholic activities.

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