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Pi Shushi

Pi Shushi (1897-1978) from Liaoning Province was the first chairman of the China Patriotic Catholic Association, the archbishop of the Shenyang Catholic Parish and a famous Catholic patriot.

In 1901-1927, he studied theology in a Catholic institute in the Shenyang Parish. In 1927, he became a priest. Later, he devoted himself in missionary work. In 1949, he started to act as the archbishop of the Shenyang Parish and became the fourth archbishop in China.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, an anti-imperialism movement was launched in China, in which Pi took an active part.

In 1956, he attended the preparatory meeting for the founding of the China Patriotic Catholic Association. One year later, the first meeting of the Association was held in Beijing, and he was elected as the chairman.

He called on Chinese Catholic to shake off the control of other countries and kept a pure religious relationship with the Vatican. In May 1978, he died in Beijing.

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