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Lu Huixiang

Lu Huixiang (1871-1949) from Shanghai was a famous Catholic and diplomat in China.

He was born into a Christian family and his father was a protestant who once worked in a London protestant organization. In 1884, Lu Huixiang began to learn western languages, especially French. Then he started to study diplomacy and foreign relations.

In 1892, he graduated and worked in the foreign department of the Qing Dynasty Government. In 1896, he, as a secretary, signed on China's treaty with Russia. Three years later, he attended the first Hague Meeting.

In 1911, he received baptism and became a believer of Catholicism. Later, he acted as the foreign minister of the republic government. Afterwards, he was appointed as the prime minister.

In 1919, he led the Chinese delegation to the Paris Peace Conference. In 1927, he entered an abbey in Belgium, became a friar and began to learn Latin and theology. In 1935, he became a priest. In 1949, he died.

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