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Frederic Lebbe (Lei Mingyuan)

Frederic Lebbe, a Belgian, began to study theology in 1895 and came to China in 1901.Soon he became a priest in Beijing and began his missionary work. He helped a Catholic to found the "Da Kong Pao", which became a famous newspaper in China.

In 1912, he started to act as the coadjutor of the Tianjin Parish, spreading the western science and technology. Later he and several Chinese clergies established a Catholic organization. Afterwards, he returned to Europe to raise money. Then he set up a normal school in China.

He thought that the Chinese should set up Catholic organizations. He also, together with the Chinese, protested all kinds of actions by imperialist countries. Later, he was forced to return home.

In 1926, he arrived in China again and got the Chinese nationality. Then he took an active part in the War of Resistance against Japanese Invaders. In 1940, he died in Chongqing City.

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