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Catholic Churches in Macao

Macao had been the colony of Portugal for a very long period, and Portugal is a Catholic country; therefore a lot of Catholic churches were built in this small piece of land of Macao. Nevertheless, some churches vanished for historical reasons. Chapel of St. Francis Xavier and St. Lawrence's are the two major Catholic churches extant in Macao.

Located at Jidannu Street, Chapel of St. Francis Xavier, a small church, was established in 1928. This chapel is a good example of baroque construction. It has a white wall, oval windows and a bell tower. It stands behind a monument that commemorates the local victory over pirates in 1910. The chapel used to preserve the hand bone and bracelet of St. Francis Xavier, a catholic saint who is the first propagator of Catholicism to China. However, the relic has been sent to the St. Joseph's Seminary.

St. Lawrence's is located at Fengshuntang Street. Therefore it is also called Fengshuntang Catholic Church. St. Lawrence's was established in 1569, restored several times and thoroughly decorated in 1979. Fengshuntang Church takes up a large area. The gate of the church can be approached via two separate sidesteps. Visitors can find palm trees in the garden. The church is spectacular in plain design. The interior is richly decorated and full of oriental charm. There are huge beams and ancient pendant lamps in the hall. The solemn figure of St. Lawrence is worshipped in the altar. For Portugal voyagers, St. Lawrence is the God for safety and wind.

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