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Tawan Sheli Pagoda

Tawan Sheli Pagoda, also called Unstained Pure Glory Sheli Buddha Pagoda, is located in Tawan Street, Huangu District, Shenyang City, Liaoning Province.

The Pagoda was built in the 13th year (1044) of the Chongxi reign of the Liao Dynasty (916-1125), and repaired in the fifth year (1640) of the Chongde reign of the Qing Dynasty.

The 13-storeyed pagoda, of brick structure in octagonal plane, is a more than 50 meters high. It consists of the underground hall, pedestal, body, eave and top. The pagoda pedestal is a lotus facing upward in the shape of an ancient folding chair with a Zun (ancient wine goblet) carved out of black bricks on the top part. On the first floor of the Pagoda, Buddha niches were built in eight directions with Buddha images with attendants standing on both sides. Ratna-sambhava Buddha was put in the south niche, Dengguan Buddha in the southeast niche, Equality Buddha in the west niche, Huihua Buddha in the northwest niche, Great Mercy Buddha in the north niche, Universal Relief Buddha in northeast niche, Avalokiteshvara Buddha in the east niche, and Aksobhya Buddha in southeast niche. All Buddhas are fired with clay and carved with inscriptions. The pagoda eave has 13 storeys, with a brick corbel arch under the eave and five bells on every side of the eave. On the second floor and above, there are three bronze mirrors hung on every side of the on each floor, and the three bronze mirrors on the south side of the top floor are exceptionally huge. In its underground hall there are culture relics like letters carved on stones, relic of Buddha, iron box, and copper coin, etc.

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