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Guo Jia

Guō Jiā (郭嘉)(170-207), courtesy name Fengxiao (奉孝), was a famous strategist and advisor for the Kingdom of Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China.

Guo Jia was discovered by Cao Cao during his attacks on Yuan Shao, and was immediately taken into service. Guo Jia provided many great plans, but while Cao Cao was conquering the desert tribes to which Yuan Tan had escaped, Guo Jia died of an illness. Cao Cao was incredibly grieved, and mourned the death of his trusted companion. Guo Jia was buried honourably with many sacrifices.

When Cao Cao was fleeing after Red Wall he told Cheng Yu that if Guo Jia was still alive he would not have let him lose.

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