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Gao Lishi

Gao Lishi (高力士) (684-762) was a eunuch official during Emperor Xuanzong of Tang China's reign, reaching high ranks like Biaoqi Grand General (驃騎大將軍) and Jinkai Fu Yitong Sansi (進開府儀同三司). He is believed to have run much of the empire during Xuanzong's inattentive later years, and is known to have been richer than many of the nobility of the era.

Gao introduced Yang Guifei to Xuanzong, and was with her when the Imperial army (blaming her and her family for the Anshi Rebellion) demanded her death. She refused to give herself over to them. It is unknown whether she hanged herself, asked Gao to do it to spare herself the army's execution, or if he took it upon himself to kill her (for pity, duty, or otherwise).

During Li Fuguo's reign of terror, he was among the only officials loyal to emperor Xuanzong and is often seen as an example of moral integrity.

Accused of manipulation of imperial politics, he was exiled to Wu Prefecture (巫州) and died of illness later shortly after a pardon.

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