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Zhang Jiao

Zhang Jiao (张角) was a legendary rebel leader during the period of the Han Dynasty in China. He was said to be a sorcerer, and was a follower of Taoism. He led the Yellow Turban Rebellion with his younger brothers Zhang Bao and Zhang Liang in a campaign called "The Way of Heaven". The Yellow Turbans claimed to be Taoists, and rebelled against the Han because of the high taxes placed against them. They claimed to be the way of peace, yet they slaughtered many who opposed them. They conquered much in the early years of the rebellion, but when the Han sent out a distress call, gaining the talent of people such as Liu Bei and Cao Cao, the lack of ability of his generals showed. The Yellow turbans, however, were still a strong threat until the death of Zhang Jiao, when, due to a lack of a good leader, it imploded on itself.

It can be considered ironic that he was known as "the great healer", yet died of an illness.

Zhang Jiao also features in the historical epic, Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In the Moss Roberts translation of the novel, he is known as Zhang Jue. 

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