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Li Zicheng

Li Zicheng (李自成) (September 22, 1606 - 1645), born Li Hongji (鴻基), was a rebel in late Ming China who proclaimed himself Chuang Wang (闖王), or "The Roaming King".

Born in Mizhi District (米脂縣), Yan'an Subprefecture (延安府), Shaanxi, Li grew up as a shepherd. Li started to learn horseriding and archery at age 20 and started gathering peasants in 1630. In three years, he gathered more than 20,000 soldiers. The Li rebels then attacked and killed leading officials in places in Henan, Shanxi, and Shaanxi.

In April 1644, Li's rebels sacked the Ming capital of Beijing, and the last Ming emperor committed suicide. Li died after his army was defeated on May 27, 1644 by the Manchus and Wu Sangui, either by committing suicide or assassination at the age of 40.

A popular saying was that he didn't die upon defeat, but became a monk.

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