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The earliest appellation Emperor was a general designation of Three Kings and Five Emperors. Three Kings were referred to Emperor of Heaven, Emperor of Earth and Emperor of Human, the three ancient emperors in Chinese legends. Originally, Emperor was referred to Emperor of Heaven, the sovereign ruler of everything on earth. Later on, after wars occurred between many states, their rulers called themselves emperor, such as Western Emperor, Eastern Emperor, Mid Emperor, Northern Emperor, and so on, which made the Emperors in the heaven come down into the world and thus became a honorific title in the world. (There was another saying that Five Emperors were referred to the Yellow Emperor, Emperor Yan, Emperor Ciyou, etc. in the tribe age.), Read detailed information, please go to the following links.

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Zuo Zongtang
Zuo Zongtang (左宗棠) (November 10, 1812-September 5, 1885), spelled Tso Tsung-t'ang in Wade-Giles and known simply as General Tso to Westerners, was a gifted China|Chinese military leader born in Wenjialong, north of Changsha in Hunan province, during the waning of the Qing Dynasty.
Li Tai
Li Tai (李泰) (620 - ?) was once a crown prince of the Tang Empire of China. Li was the son of Emperor Taizong of Tang China (his fourth) and Wende Empress (her second). His courtesy name was Huibao (惠褒).
Cao Zhang
Cao Zhang (曹彰; styled Ziwen 子文) was a son of Cao Cao and a general of the Kingdom of Wei|Wei during the Three Kingdoms period in China.
Liu Ying
Liu Ying (劉英) was a son of Emperor Guangwu of Han China|Emperor Guangwu of Han, and half-brother of Emperor Ming of Han China|Emperor Ming.
Yinreng (胤礽, born June 16, 1674; died January 27 1725) was a Heir Apparent to the imperial throne of China. He was the second of the Kangxi Emperor's 20 sons to have survived into adulthood.
Han Xiang
One of the Eight Immortals, Philosopher Han Xiang (韓湘子 in pinyin: han2 xiang1 zi0) or Han Xiang Zi, in Wade-Giles as Han Hsiang Tzu, was born Han Xiang in Tang Dynasty | Tang, and his courtesy name is Qingfu (清夫 qing1 fu1).
Zhu Xi
Zhu Xi (朱熹, Hanyu Pinyin: Zhū Xī, Wade-Giles: Chu Hsi) (1130 - 1200) was a Song Dynasty (960-1279) Confucian scholar who became one of most significant Neo-Confucianism|Neo-Confucians in China.
Zhu Shijie
Zhu Shijie (朱世杰 mid-1270s?-1330?) was one of the greatest Chinal Chinese mathematicians......

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