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Located at the western end of Liulichang Street, Beijing , Rongbaozhai (the "Studio of Glorious Treasures") is famous for both its collection of calligraphy and paintings that spans centuries, and its excellent array of the "four treasures of the study" (brushes, ink, paper and ink stones).

The studio deals in paintings, calligraphic works, carvings and seals by famous figures, especially the block prints found on watercolors. Today it has preserved a dozen valuable works including a Tianhuang seal and a piece of Tianhuang stone weighing 4,275 grams, the heaviest of its kind in the world.

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Efforts to Develop Woodblock Printing
Woodblock printing techniques have been around for more than a thousand years, but letter paper decorated with woodblock-printed poems or pictures did not come into use until the late Qing Dynasty.
History of Rongbaozhai
Currently one of the most illustrious traditional art galleries in China, Rongbaozhai's birth was far humbler -- and some might even call it secretive.
One morning in 1964, a young man brought a package to Rongbaozhai and said that he wanted to sell it. When the shop assistant opened the package, his jaw dropped. Inside were more than 30 paintings and calligraphic works, many of them state-level cultural relics.

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