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Yan Zhenqing

Yan Zhenqing (709-785), Zi : Qing Chen. Born in Lang Ye Lin Qin (today's Lin Qin county in Shan Dong province), he was the Tai Shou (chief officer in charge of a place) of Ping Yuan Jun. (Jun is equivalent to a state or province.) He noticed An Lushan would rebel. So he consolidated his city walls. (There're walls of cities in ancient China.) After An Lushan rebelled, he occupied almost all other Juns except Ping Yuan. Tang Xuan Zong (an emperor of Tang dynasty) regarded him highly. He played an important role in defeating An Lushan's rebelling army. So he was offered Kai Guo Gong (the position may equivalent to prime minister) of Lu Jun. At the time of Tang De Zong (another emperor of Tang dynasty), Li Xilie rebelled. A traitor minister suggested he go to persuade Li Xilie. He went there but was hold by Li Xilie. He never yield. He was killed later by Li Xilie when he was 76.

He and his family all has the personality of honest and frank, rather die than yield. This was eulogized by people at his time and all generations after. His brother, Yan Aiqing, and nephew, Yan Jiming, was caught by An Lushan. Yan Aiqing scathingly denounced An Lushan. An Lushan broke his sinew but he hadn't yield. Then An Lushan cut his tough. But he never yield. An Lushan kill Yan Aiqing and Yan Jiming cruelly. When Yan Zhenqing heard the news, he was filled with grief and indignation. He wrote a funeral oration for his brother and nephew. The draft of this oration is the famous <<Ji Zhi Wen Gao>>. It's called second Xing Shu under the sky.

It's said he study Chu Suiliang's calligraphy at his early years. Later his study from Zhang Xu. At his later time, his calligraphy formed his own style with stable and strong power, plump and open and clear spirit, tremendous momentum manner. He created a new style in history.

He has many famous calligraphy pieces. Pieces we can see today are :

Kai Shu : Duo Bao Ta Bei, Da Tang Zhong Xing Song, Guo Jia Miao Bei, Yan Jia Miao Bei, Ma Gu Shan Xian Tan Ji, Yan Qin Li Bei.

Xing Shu : Ji Zhi Wen Gao, Zheng Zuo Wei Tie, San Biao Zhen Ji.

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