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Calligraphy Masters in Song Dynasty

People say there're 4 big calligraphers in Song dynasty. They are Su Shi, Huang Tingjian, Mi Fu and Cai Xiang.

Cai Xiang (1012--1067). Zi: Jun Mo. Was born in Xing Hua Xian You (belongs to Fu Jian province today).

Su Shi (1037--1101). Zi: Zi Zhan. Born in Mei Shan (belongs to Si Chuan province today), he is a great writer, artist and calligrapher. He is actually achieved more in literature than in calligraphy.

Huang Tingjian (1045--1105). Zi: Lu Zhi. Born in Fen Ning (belongs to Jiang Xi province today), he studied Cao Shu for more than 30 years.

Mi Fu. Mi Fu is the best calligrapher in Song dynasty but unfortunately, he didn't reach the level of calligraphers in Tang dynasty. Representative calligraphy includes Fang Yuan An Ji. Calligraphy works include Fang Yuan An Ji.

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