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Neigong is classified as inner exercises and falls into two categories. One is to improve health for the prevention and cure of diseases. Exercises in this category include breathing exercises, mental exercises and stand ing exercises. Chinese Wushu advocates reinforcement of the physique before beginning to learn fighting skills. Therefore maintaining good health has become one of the major concerns of inner exercises. The other category is concerned with improving one's ability to defend and attack. Such exercises include self-beating and self-hitting (this exercise prepares one to take and receive attack from his opponents), palming (this exercise increases the hitting force of the palm), and roving around and through wooden piles (this enhances agility of the body by meandering through piles).

Neigong is unique to the Chinese Wushu training system. Some of the inner exercises have become independent of their original schools and styles and have mixed with similar exercises from other schools, making them more comprehensive.

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