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Ziran Men (Nature Chuan)

Ziran Men (nature Chuan) was created by Dwarf Xu of Sichuan Province in the late years of the Qing Dynasty. Xu's style of Chuan was standardized by Du Xinwu of Cili County of Hunan Province. Du followed Xu for eight years to learn the nature Chuan and came to understand the essence and secrets of the martial arts.

Nature boxers do not pursue tricks nor do they emphasize mastery of unique skills. Instead, they pay attention to tempering the mind, spirit and air flows inside the body and to the good application of eyesight, fist plays, footwork and movements of the body. They can fight their opponents with whichever part of their body they see fit and they can even launch attacks in situations which others would think impossible.

They believe that to practise combative basics is to practise breathing and vice versa. The mind guides the flow of air inside their bodies and when the mind reaches a certain point so does the air flow, and when the mind stops so do the movements. All movements follow the natural feeling and thinking. When nature boxers play lightly they are also steady and when they play heavily they are not clumsy. The hands are played along a straight line and fist plays are so fast that others cannot see them during a bout. There is hardness in the suppleness and vice versa.

Nature Chuan is now practised in Fujian and Hunan provinces of China.

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