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Simplified Pictures of Tai Chi Chuan Movements 7

Directions are given in terms of the 12 hours of the clovk. Begin by facing 12 o'clock , with 6 o'clock behind you, 9 o'clock at your left and 3 o'clock at your right. Thus a turn to 1 o'clock is one of 30o to the right and a turn to 1-2 o'clock is one of 45 du.

Series VII

Form 18 Work at Shuttles on Both Sides

  1. Turn body to the left (1 o'clock) . Place left foot on floor in front of right foot, withtoes pointing ovtward. With right heel slightly raised, bend both knees to form a half"seat on crossed legs". At the same time, make a ball-holding gesture in front of left section of chest with the left hand on top. Then move right foot beside left foot and rest its toes on floor. Look at left forearm (Figs 139-141)
  2. Body turns to the right (4 o'clock) and right foot steps forward to 4-5 o'clock to form a "bow step". At the smae time , right hand moves upward, pausing just above right temple with palm turned obliquely upward, Left hand then moves downward to the left side and then moves forwadrd and upward to nose level, with palm facing forward. Look at left hand, (figs 142-144)
  3. Turn body slightly to the right (5 o'clock), shifting weight slightly backward, with toes of right foot turned outward a bit. Weight is then shifted back onto right leg.Place left foot next to right foot with toes on floor. meanwhile, make a ball holding gesture in front of right section of chest with the right hand on top. Look at right forearm (Figs 145-146)
  4. Repeat movements in 2), reversing "right" and "left". (Figs 147-149)

Points to remember: Do not lean forwadrd when pushing hands forward, or shrug shoulders when raising hands . Hand movements should be coordinated with those of waist and legs. Distance between heels in " bow step" is about 30 cm. Face 2 o'clock in the final position.
Form 19 Needle at sea Bottom

Right foot takes a half-step forward. Weight is shifted onto right leg as left foot moves forward a bit with toes coming down on floor to form a left empty step. At the same time, turn body slightly to the right (3-4 o'clock). Low right hand in front of body , then raise it up beside right ear and, with body turning towards 2-3 o'clock, thrust it obliquely downward in fornt of body, with palm facing to the left and fingers pointing obliquely downward. Simultaneously, left hand makes an arc forward and downward to the side of left hip with palm facing downward and fingers pointing forward. Look at floor ahead. (Figs 150-151)

Points to remember: First turn body slightly to the right and then to the left, Do not lean too far forward. Keep head erect and buttocks in Left leg is slightly bent. face 3 o'clock in the final position.

Form 20 Flash the Arm

Turn body slightly to the right (4 o'clock). Step forward with left foot to form a "bow step". At the same time, raise right arm with elbow bent until the hand stops just above right temple. Turn palm obliquely upward with thumb pointing downward. Raise left hand slightly and push it forward at nose level with palm facing forwar. Look at left hand . (figs. 152-154)

Points to remember: Hold torso in an erect and natural position. Relax waist and hips . Do not straighten left arm. Keep muscles of the back relaxed. In pushing palm forward, the movement should coordinate with the " bow step" .Distance between heels should not exceed 10 cm. Face 3 o'clock in the final position.

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