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Simplified Pictures of Tai Chi Chuan Movements 6

Directions are given in terms of the 12 hours of the clovk. Begin by facing 12 o'clock , with 6 o'clock behind you, 9 o'clock at your left and 3 o'clock at your right. Thus a turn to 1 o'clock is one of 30o to the right and a turn to 1-2 o'clock is one of 45 du.

Series VI

Form 16 Push Down and Stand on One Leg--Left Style

  1. Pull back left foot and keep it suspended by bending knee so that thigh is level. turn borso to the right (7 o'clock). Form a right hooked hand, while left palm is turned up and makes an arc up to the right until it comes in front of right shoulder and faces obliquely inward. Look at right hand. (Figs. 125-126)
  2. Crouch slowly on right leg, stretching left leg sideways towards 2-3 o'clock. Left hand is extened sideways along the inner side of left leg, palm facing forward. Look at left hand. (Figs. 127-128)

    Points to remember: When right leg is bent in a full crouch, turn toes of right foot slightly outward and straighten left leg with toes turned slightly inward; both soles are flat on floor. Keep toes of left foot in line with heel of right foot. Do not lean upper part of body too far forward.

  3. Using heel as pivot, turn toes of left foot slightly outward so that they come in line with the outstretched. leg; turn toes of right foot inward while right leg straightens and left leg bends. Weight is thus shifted onto left leg. Torso turns slightly to the left (4 o'clock) and then rises slowly in forward movement. At the same time, left arm continues to extend forward, with palm facing the right , while right hand drops behind the back, with bunched fingertrips pointing backward. Look at left hand (Fig. 129)
  4. Raise right foot gradually and bend right knee so that thight is level. At the same tiem , open right hand and swing it past the outer sider of right leg and then upward to the front, until the bent elbow comes just above right knee, fingers pointing up and palm facing the left side, Lower left hand to the side of left hip, palm facing downwar. Look at right hand. (Figs. 130-131)

Points to remember: Keep torso upright . Bend the standing leg slightly. Toes should point naturally downward as right foot is raised. Face 3 o'clock in the final position.

Form Form 17 Push Down and Stand on One leg- Right Style

  1. Place right foot down in front of the left and rest toes on floor. Turn body to the left (12 o'clock) , using left toes as a pivot. At the same time, left hand is raised sideways and upward to shoulder level and is turned into a hooked hand, while right hand, following the torso, moves in an arc to the front of left shoulder with fongers pointing up. Look at left hand. (Figs. 132-233)
  2. Repeat movements in 2) of Form 16 , reversing "right" and "left". (figs. 134-135)
  3. Repeat movements in 3) of Form 18, reversing "right" and "left".(fig. 136)
  4. Repeat movements in 4) of Form 16, reversing "right"and "left". (Fig. 137-138)

Points to remember: Raise right foot slightly before crouching and stretching right leg sideways. Other details are the same as those of Form 16, except that "right" and "left" are reversed. Face 3 o'clock in the final position.

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