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Simplified Pictures of Tai Chi Chuan Movements 5

Directions are given in terms of the 12 hours of the clovk. Begin by facing 12 o'clock , with 6 o'clock behind you, 9 o'clock at your left and 3 o'clock at your right. Thus a turn to 1 o'clock is one of 30o to the right and a turn to 1-2 o'clock is one of 45 du.

Series V

Form 12 High Pat on Horse

  1. Right foot takes a half-step forward; shift weight onto right leg. Open right hand and turn both palms upward with elbows slightly bent, while body turns slightly to the right (10-11 o'clock) with left heel gradually raised to form an "empty step". Look forward to the left. (Fig 107)
  2. Turn body slightly to the left (9 o'clock); draw right hand past right ear and push it forward with palm facing forward and fingers at eye level pointing upward , Lower left hand until it comes in front of left hip, palm still facing upward. Meanwhile move left foot slightly forward with toes on floor. Look at right hand. (Fig. 108)

Point to remember: Hold torso erect and relaxed. Hold shoulders low and bend right elbow slightly downward. Do not let body rise or fall when shifting weight onto right leg. Face 9 o'clock in the final position.

Form 13 Kick with Right Heel

  1. Cross hands by extending left hand, palm upward, onto the back of right wrist. Then separate hands and move in a downward are with palms turned obliquely downwaard. meanwhile, raise left foot and step forward towards 8 o'clock, forming a left "bow step" with toes turned slightly outwar. Look straiht forwar. (Figs. 109-111)
  2. Both hands move to outward in circle and then down until they cross in front of chest, both palms turned inward, with the back of left hand against the inside of right wrist. At the same time, bring right foot next to left foot and rest toes on floor. Look forward to the right. (fig. 12)
  3. Separate hands, extending them sideways at shoulder level, with elbows slightly bent and palms turned outwar. At the same time, raise right leg, bent at knee, and thrust foot gently forward towards 10 o'clock. Look at right hand. (Figs. 113-114)

Points to remember: Keep your balace . Wrists are level with shoulders when hands are sparated. Left leg is lightly bent when right foot kicks forwardd, and the force of the kick should be intiated from the heel, with upturned toes pointing slightly inward. The separation of hands should coordinate with the kick. Right arm is parallel with right leg. race 9 o'clock int he final position.

Form 14 Strike Opponent's Ears with Both Fists

  1. Pull back right foot and keep it suspended by bending knee so that thigh is level. Move left hand up and forwar, then down next to right hand in front of chest, turning both palms up. Both hands make a circular movement downward, dropping to the sides of right knee. Look straight forward. (Figs 115-116)
  2. Right foot drops slowly to the floor at a point slightly to the right front of left foot, while weight is shifted onto right leg to form a " bow step". At same time , drop both hands and gradually clench the fists. The hands then make an arc upward and forward from the sides to the front, coming together at ear level in a pincer movement , knuckles facing obliquely upward. distance between fists is about 10-20 cm. Look at right fist. (Figs. 117-118)

Points to remember: Hold bead and neck erect. Keep waist and hips relaxed and fists loosely clenched. Keep shoulders low and allow elbows to fall naturally with arms slightly bent. Face 10 o'clock in the final position.

Form 15 Turn and Kick with Left Heel

  1. Bend left leg and sit back. Turn body to the left (6 o'clock ) with toes of right foot pointing inward. Simultaneouly open firsts and separate hands in a circular movement extening them sideways slightly above shoulder level, palms facing forward. Look at left hand. (Figs. 119-120)
  2. Weight is shifted onto right leg. Bring left foot to the side of the right and rest toes on floor. At the smae time, circle both hands downward and to the sides and then inward and to the front until they cross in front of chest, with the back of right hand against the inside of left wrist, of right hand against the inside of left wrist, both palms facing inward. Look forward to the left. (Figs. 121-122)
  3. Separate hands and extend them sideways at shoulder level, with elbows slightly bent and palm facing outward Meanwhile, raise left leg with knee bent and then mvoe foot fradually forward towards 4 o'clock . Look at left hand (Figs. 123-124)

Points to remember : The same as those for Form 13, except that "right" and "left" are reversed. Face 4 o'clock in the final position.

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