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Simplified Pictures of Tai Chi Chuan Movements 3

Directions are given in terms of the 12 hours of the clovk. Begin by facing 12 o'clock , with 6 o'clock behind you, 9 o'clock at your left and 3 o'clock at your right. Thus a turn to 1 o'clock is one of 30o to the right and a turn to 1-2 o'clock is one of 45 du.

Series IIII

Form 7 Grasp the Bird's Tail--Left Style

  1. Turn torso slightly to the right (11-12 o'clock). At the same time, cakrry right hand sideways and up to shoulder level, palm facing upward, while left palm is turned downeward. Look at left hand. ( Fig 54)
  2. Turn body slightly to the right (12 o'clock). Make a ball holding gesture in front of right part of chest right hand on top. At the same time, right foot and rest its toes on floor. Look at right hand. (Figs.56-56)
  3. Turn torso slightly to the left (11 o'clock) Left foot takes a step forward towards 8-9 o'clock . Turn torso a bit further to the left (10 o'clock). and bend left leg to form a " bow step", with right leg naturally straightened. Meanwhile, push out the rounded left forearm at shoulder level with palm facing inward. Right hand drops slowly to beside right hip, with palm facing downward and finges pointing forward. Look at left forearm (Figs. 57-58)
  4. Points to remember: Keep both arms rounded while moving either one of them. Coordinate the separation of hands, relaxing of waist and bending of the legs.Turn torso slightly to the left (9 o'clok) while extending left hand forward with palm turned down. Bring right fand upward, palm turning , until it is below left forearm. Then trun torso to the right (11 o'clock) while pulling both hands down in such a way as to draw an arc before abdomen, fingishing with right hnd extended sideways at shoulder level, palm up, and left forearm lying across chest , palm turned inward. At the same time, shift weight onto right leg. Look at right hand (Figs. 59-60)
  5. Points to remember: While hands are pulled down, do not lean forward or let buttocks protrude. Arms should follow the turning of waist and move in a circular path.Trun torso slightly to the left (10 o'clock ) Bend right arm and place right hand inside left wrist . Trun torso a little further to the left (9 o'clock) . Press both hands slowly forward with right palm facing forward and left palm inward keeping left arm rounded. Meanwhile, shift weight slowly onto left leg to form a " bow step", Look at left wrist. (Figs. 61-62)
  6. Points to remember: Keep torso erect when pressing hands forward; the movement of hands must be coordinated with the relaxing of waist and bening of leg.Turn both palms downward as right hand passes over left wrist and moves forward and then to the right, ending on a level with left hand. Separate hands shoulder-width apart and wit back, shifting weight onto te slightly bent right leg, with towes of left foot turned up. Draw back both hands to the front of abdomen, palms facing slightly downward to the front. Look straight ahead. (Figs 63-65)
  7. Slowly transfer weight onto left leg while pushing hands forward and obliquely up with palms facing forwar, until writs are shoulder high. At the same time, bend left knee into a "bow step", Look forward. Face 9 o'clock in the final position. (Fig. 66)

Form 8 Grasp the Bird's Tail-Right Style

  1. Sit back and turn torso to the right (12 o'clock), shifting weight onto right leg and turning toes of left foot inwar. Riht and makes a horizontal arc to the right, then moves downward past abdmen and upward to the left ribs, palm facing upward, forming a ball-holding gesture with left hand on top. Meanwile, weight is shifted back onto left leg. place right foot beside the left with heel raised. Look at left band (Figs. 67-70)
  2. Repeat movements in 3) of Form 7, reversing "right" and "left", (Figs. 73-74)
  3. Repeat movements in 5) of Form 7, reversing "right " and "left" . (Figs. 75-76)
  4. Repeat movements in 6) of Form 7, reversing "right " and "left" , (Figs.77-79)
  5. Repeat movements in 7) of Form 7, reversing "right" and "left". (Fig. 80)

Points to remember : The same as those for Form 7. Face 3 o'clock in the final position

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